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Who Needs Pie When There’s Blackberry Moonshine?

blackberry midnight moon moonshine

It’s hard to resist a slice of luscious blackberry pie on a hot summer day, and it’s going to be even harder to resist a swig of Midnight Moon’s newest addition to its fruit-infused moonshine lineup: Blackberry.

Midnight Moon Blackberry hit stores on Wednesday with a $19 price tag. It’s made from the distillers original moonshine spirit infused with berries for a fresh taste of summer. Midnight Moon from Piedmont Distillers also makes apple pie, cherry, strawberry, blueberry and cranberry flavored moonshine.

Drink Midnight Moon Blackberry straight out of the mason jar for an authentic ‘shine experience, or mix it with some lemonade or cream soda for a summery cocktail.

I’m already picturing my next BBQ party: corn on the cob, hamburgers and bratwurst on the grill, and a couple jars of Blackberry moonshine sitting on the picnic table.


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