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Where Have All the Good Grapes Gone?

Charlie Brown’s signature cry would fit here perfectly, except in this case it would be more like “Good Grape!” Mother Nature has pulled a fast one on California’s grapegrowers, causing unusually small harvests, resulting in fewer quality grape vintages. The grapegrowers are not fully off the hook for the shortage: they haven’t been planting as many vines, either, because there was a glut of grapes on the market

So what does this mean for you? If you drink wine, be prepared for a cost increase. Wholesalers will more than likely have to pay more for their shipment of wine, which means that they’ll pass some of those costs on to you. Another concern for consumers may be actually finding their favorite wine. Some producers may have to cut back on production.

In light of this crisis, it may be time to switch to some wine-like spirits. May The Hooch Life suggest a Brandy or Cognac?


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