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Avion Silver Tequila Blanco

Avion Silver Tequila Blanco bottle

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Distiller Details

Tequila Avion

Los Altos, Jalisco

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Awards & Recognition

  • Double Gold - 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • Best Blanco Tequila
  • Best Tequila and Best Un-aged Tequila- 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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THL: What is it?

Avion Silver Tequila Blanco is produced with agave grown in the highlands of Los Altos, at the highest area where agave can grow while still being classified as a tequila.

THL: Why should you try it?

While Tequila Avion was made popular by the good-looking Entourage crew on HBO, it will remain popular by being so damn good. Unlike many tequila producers, Tequila Avion uses a number of distinct methods for crafting their hooch, including slow roasting the heart of the agave (piñas) in large clay ovens known as hornitos, and distilling their tequila in copper pot stills as opposed to stainless steel columns stills. The copper pots are more unwieldy, but the result is a much richer flavor. The final step is a unique extra-slow charcoal filtration process to smooth out the rough edges while showcasing the vegetal bliss.

THL: Who makes it?

Avion Silver Tequila is distilled in Jalisco, Mexico where they also produce Avion Reposado and Avion Añejo.

THL: What does it taste like?

Tropical fruit flavors of pineapple and banana, rosemary, sweetgrass, and dried pepper.

THL: How should you drink it?

This is one of the rarer tequila blancos that should be enjoyed neat, with an ice cube or two.

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