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The Hooch Life is a multi-platform, lifestyle publishing brand. From nearly 30 categories of spirits and brand recommendations, to classic cocktail recipes, Hooch Approved Bar recommendations, and home bartending and entertaining, we give people ideas on what to drink, where to drink, and how to drink. And we do it with style and visual imagery, a penchant for storytelling, and a strong bias toward distillers, bars and bartenders with personality and distinctive character.

Most of all, we want to tell the story of the emerging appeal and popularity of craft spirits. Industry trends continue to show growth in U.S. Spirits sales (13 years in a row), with domestic spirits outpacing imports—go to a liquor store today and the shelves are filled with American-distilled spirits, for the first time in almost a century. The last decade has seen an explosion of craft distilleries, from backyard barns to state-of-the-art facilities. We believe we’re about to see a replay of the wine industry in the ‘80s, and the beer industry in the ‘90s—when innovative and entrepreneurial U.S. producers re-shaped their respective competitive landscapes.

We’re telling this story through the eyes, keyboards, and lenses of a national network of content creators: a select group of bartenders, writers and photographers. By tapping into their expertise, passion, reverence and irreverence, we’re working to develop an editorial style that is compelling, insightful, and brimming with human interest.

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  • What To Drink

    Not just lists, but real stories from the craft spirits movement, quick peaks into hundreds of small-batch and craft distillers, insightful cocktail suggestions for people who want to stray from “the usuals.” (Feed does not include cocktail recipes.)

  • Where To Drink

    Our Hooch Approved Bars are carefully selected by Hooch Bartenders, and represent an ethos of “Great cocktails, zero attitude.” Not user-generated recommendations, but the kind of one-at-a-time selection that takes time and care.

  • How To Drink

    These are the rants, raves, philosophies, musings and stories about drink and drinking—the kind of content that creates conversation.

  • Hooch Jam

    Cocktails pair well with music. That’s a fact. And we’re releasing cocktail-themed playlists that’ll work for that first cocktail of the evening, all the way to the last nightcap.

  • Complete

    All content listed above.

  • New Issues

    New article content across all categories listed above, released weekly.

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