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Desert Diamond Distillery: Kicks in Your Cocktail on Route 66


Photo courtesy of Desert Diamond Distillery

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Desert Diamond Distillery

Kingman, Arizona

Desert Diamond Distillery overlooks the rolling hills that surround Highway 66 in Kingman, Arizona. It’s located outside of town and off the beaten path. “We figure that the Distillery is a Diamond in the Desert, people enjoy looking for it, and when they find it, they feel like they have found lost treasure!” says owner Deborah Patt. She continues, saying, “Seriously though, I had a whole page of names that we were considering. This one stuck, and the whole family liked it.”

Deborah runs the distillery with her husband, John, who does the distilling. They opened in 2009 and have quickly become a destination spot for people who appreciate fine spirits. Their convenient off-the-highway location brings in a huge variety of visitors. “And if the customers’ reviews mean anything,” exclaims Deborah, “then we are starting to create a buzz all over the country.”

Indeed they are. Many reporters have written about Desert Diamond and their award-winning Gold Miner Barrel Reserve Rum that received a gold medal at this year’s San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The recognition is definitely well-deserved — not only for the Barrel Reserve Rum, but for the rest of the distillery’s lineup of rums as well. They also make Gold Miner White Rum, Gold Miner Dark Rum and Gold Miner Agave Rum. I’m intrigued by the fact that a distillery specializes in rum. They must have traveled the Caribbean where they got the inch to drink it like the other rum distillers I’ve interviewed. “Where’s the Caribbean?” John jokingly asks. “We make the best rum in Arizona.”

I can’t argue with that. I also bring up the point that many rum distillers are history buffs, intrigued by the lore associated with the spirit. “It’s a living history when you are a part of it,” says Deborah. “There is a living history of spirits that stretches back over the centuries, and it is fascinating when you start looking into it, and finding out the ‘whys’ of the way things are being done, how it used to be done and possibilities of the future.”

Spirits by Desert Diamond Distillery:

Gold Miner Agave Rum
Gold Miner Dark Rum
Gold Miner Rum
Gold Miner Vodka
Gold Miner Barrel Reserve Rum

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