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Finding a great bar isn’t always easy. We happen to like bars with good cocktails and zero attitude. We call them Hooch Approved Bars. Sure, there are lots of other bars, other lists of best bars and cocktail lounges. But these are the kinds of bars that become your favorite. Where you become a regular, and you might grow a reputation for being just a little bit of a cocktail geek. The cool kind, of course.

Hooch Approved Bars

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Best Denver Bars: Williams and Graham Bar, Denver, CO

Williams & Graham

Denver, Colorado

Half-bookstore, half-bar


Bars That Serve Great Barrel-Aged Cocktails

Bars That Serve Great Barrel-Aged Cocktails

This barrel-aged cocktail trend looks like it's here to stay. Here's where you can go to taste a mature tipple.


PKNY: A Skeptic Discovers Tiki

Don't judge a tiki bar by its garnishes, that is unless those garnishes are orchids and plastic flamingos.

Drinking at the Maison Premiere

Absinthe Challenge at Brooklyn’s Maison Premiere

Known affectionately in the neighborhood as Bar Oysters, on account of their less-than-comprehensive signage, Maison Premiere is a Cajun oasis right in the middle of Brooklyn with an unhurried cadence true to its Southern roots. And if nothing else, the place is gorgeous, reminiscent of a...

New York's Best Bars: Employees Only

Employees Only: Cocktail Mecca in NYC

Plenty of bars tell you they make the best cocktails in the world, but few of them live up to the hype. However, Employees Only was actually named “World’s Best Cocktail Bar” for 2011 and does its best to live up to its now legendary reputation. Having...